Rochester-style Garbage Plates

23 Nov

This disgusting concoction that you are currently staring at is what one would call a Rochester-style Garbage Plate. Do not be fooled by the horrendous amount of ketchup on those homefries, or the flattened grilled cheese, it is the most delicious thing, ever, especially at 3:30am and drunk. This is tame for a garbage plate, seeing as I do not eat burgers, but most of them consist of: potatoes (french/homefries), macaroni salad, refried/baked beans as a base, with two hamburger/cheeseburger patties on top, covered in meat sauce and mustard (ketchup, if you’re going to deviate from authenticity), and is usually served with a roll on the side.
University Hots of Buffalo, New York specializes in serving garbage plates to the drunken masses of UB students, with hours from 4pm to 4am. We decided, one evening, that we wanted to go to UHots, failing to realize that it was Sunday, and they were closed, so, we did the next best thing and made garbage plates at home…here is our story…(kidding)


What you need:

Macaroni Salad:

1box pasta, we prefer elbows
carrots and celery, grated
4tbsp mayonnaise

French Fries:

Rusett potatoes, scrubbed and peeled


1can Bush’s vegetarian baked beans
1can Bush’s vegetarian BBQ beans

How to make it: 

Honestly, the most intensive parts of making garbage plates is the macaroni salad, and finding room on the stove for everything.

Macaroni Salad: Boil water with a pinch of salt in it, and once boiling throw the pasta in. As soon as pasta is done cooking, strain and immediately rinse with ice cold water. This stops the pasta from cooking, and cools it down. Once it is cool, transfer to a large bowl, and add the carrots, celery, and mayo.

French Fries: You know the drill. Heat vegetable oil in a pan to 175f, or on high heat until super runny. Chop potatoes into desired thickness, or make them into homefries. Fry until crisp, about 20 minutes or so.

Beans: Empty both cans of beans into a pot, and heat on medium heat for  about 20 minutes or so.

And now the fun part: putting it all together. This is where you can experiment and combine to your liking. Since we had a variety of people with different diets eating, we also cooked up some bacon, veggie burgers, and chicken nuggets. Lay down your sides, and top with meat of your choice, followed by a generous amount of ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, or whatever condiments you prefer.

Good luck! Don’t make a mess!


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