Pepper-Ginger Tuna Steaks

18 Nov



Decided to get a bit adventurous and make some pepper-ginger tuna steaks. I kind of just winged this one from scratch, seeing as we had no food in the house that day.

What you need:

Tuna steaks (however many, sashimi grade)
4tbsp ground ginger
4tbsp ground black pepper
1/4 cup olive oil


How to make it:

Combine the ginger, pepper, and olive oil. Add to defrosted tuna steaks and let marinate for about half an hour to 45 min

When almost ready, heat a pan with a bit of olive oil on low heat, add tuna steaks along with marinade, and cook through almost completely (I like my tuna steaks medium, but you can make them as raw or well done as you want).


Serve with whatever you’re feeling that day. Mesclun greens with a lemon or ginger dressing works best.


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